About Us

Today there are many agencies offering SEO promotion, contextual advertising and other services, but how to determine which will bring you the long-awaited result, and not just master the allocated budget?

In the choice of the contractor can be guided by the cost of services, certificates, place in the rating or reviews of friends. Let’s consider how the organization of internal processes of the agency affects the achievable results and opportunities for cooperation.

Most internet marketing agencies strive to scale their business by unifying workflows and setting projects on stream. Flow agencies already have a certain template that allows them to work on many projects at the same time with little time spent on each one.

In a streaming agency you will be offered a number of services of your choice, and the report will consist of positions in the top 10, conversions, traffic to the site, the number of leads, calls – without an integral focus on achieving business goals.

The advantages of this approach are the reduced cost of work and high processing speed of each project. In this case, the client does not get an in-depth study of problems, development of marketing strategies and a comprehensive approach to achieving the goals.

It will be suitable for small and medium businesses without ambitious growth goals or for companies that want to delegate some “rough” work to the contractor. But this approach is categorically not suitable for those who bring a new product to the market, companies with a complex product and a long sales cycle, companies that want to reach a radically new level of sales after a long “stagnation”.

Through the stage of streaming work, but at a certain moment we came to the understanding that the “streaming” approach does not provide an opportunity to achieve maximum results for our clients.

Since then, Megason Sonorisation have been working on the detailed study of the client’s business needs and development of a full-fledged marketing strategy. Before the beginning of the work the study of client’s needs, history and peculiarities of his business is carried out, determination of goals and ways of their achievement measurement.

As a result, a cohesive team of specialists was created with a clear distribution of roles, responsibilities and tasks, which allows for a comprehensive and prompt approach to solving the set goals.

We do not use template solutions and listen to the needs of each client, conduct an expert audit of each of the areas of digital-marketing of the client, conduct analysis of competitors and business development opportunities.

Because of this, the cost of services is higher than that of streaming agencies, but at the same time you do not overpay for a simple dedicated team. At formation of cost of works we first of all are guided by the detailed planned list of works which is coordinated with the client and necessary quantity of hours of work of each of experts for performance of these works.

Thus, we are able to achieve maximum results for the client at the optimal cost of services.

We also take care of minimizing risks for our clients and provide for the possibility of concluding an exclusive cooperation agreement, in the conclusion of which we undertake not to take on new clients from the same area.